skin consultation

Your skin journey begins here…

Refine Skin welcomes you to the new world of skin results, let’s get to know you and your skin better!

Our skin consultations are tailored to you, with a lot of skin science behind the what, the why, and the how. Skin consultations are the essential stepping stones to your skin journey, allowing
our expert team to fully understand your skins true behaviour, why it’s behaving the way it is, and options to correct and manage internally and externally.

 “Great Skin Always Starts With A Great Consult”

What Do We Talk About In A Skin Consult?

Your Skin

Our team will review all information required and analyse your skin prior to any
treatment/product recommendation. This is vital to having a successful skin care regimen and treatment journey. This step will determine a lot about how we move forward.

Your Goals

We will ask questions in a way that reveals what your concerns are how to achieve your goals
for healthier skin. Your goals are the forefront of our skin journey with you, guiding us to the
best direction possible.

Your Questions

Your questions are welcomed and our team will do everything they can to make sure you feel educated about the process and everything we offer so you can make the best choice for your
skin. So come armed with lots of questions!

Your Ingredients

The active ingredients in a product really do matter. You will be educated in knowing how and why each ingredient is the best choice for your skin and concern. We will never recommend a product on the label alone describing the product as “anti-ageing” or “clear skin” we will inform you on the ingredients your skin needs.

Your Options

All options will be provided to you. At this point, you will be educated on suitable treatments, skincare products and pricing. We are aware that sometimes budget is an issue, this is why we
will always give you the facts and recommendations tailored to your exact skin needs, and then deciding what may work best for you and your lifestyle.

Your Plan

Before progressing onto more intensive skin treatments, it is vital to begin your skin journey with improving the health and function of your skin. This will involve your skin being prepped
with appropriate skincare products and a treatment plan to get you to your goals. Allow time for your skin to become stronger. This is not a quick fix, this is long-term results.

Your Guide

Beginning your new skin journey with treatments and skin care can feel daunting for any client. But we are with you every step of the way, outlining exactly how and when to use each product with a tailored am/pm routine written just for you.

Your Results

Each visit will include a review on how your skin is progressing, to ensure you are achieving the possible success during your skin journey with us.

Skin Consultation

Allow 30 – 40 minutes | $45.00 (redeemable off any skin care products purchased the day of consultation)

A skin consultation welcomes you to the world of skin results. As no two skins are the same, and everyone’s concerns are different, a skin consultation is an essential stepping stone into a treatment plan. The  consultation allows us to assess your skin and design treatments plans to help achieve your skin goals. This step is one of most important parts of your journey so we recommend you come armed with questions, a list of skincare you might have and any medical information that may affect your skin or treatment. The more we know, the more we can help you.

At Wodonga Skin Centre we are here to provide only honest, reliable advice to make sure you get the best results possible. All our skin consultations are performed by our Dermal Clinicians, which means they have undergone the Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies. Our therapists will take the time to understand your skin concerns and advise you on the correct treatment and skin products suitable for you.

Once you decide on a treatment that you believe is best for you, we strive to make the treatment, experience and recovery as comfortable as possible



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