Power Peel Facial

Power Peel Facial

A fully customised treatment has been designed by the team at Lira Clinical and Wodonga Skin Centre to bring you a limited edition two-in-one treatment, incorporating both peel and facial. Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? We call it, the Power Peel Facial. Strong words we know, but this is no fluffy facial! Expect a facial that gives you a spicy, tingly bite to your skin whilst clay masks, pumpkin enzymes and exfoliants are worked into your skin to give you an instant radiance.

This Power Peel Facial has also been designed to prep your skin for more intensive peels for the coming months, this will be your first step. Second step is to also begin using a home-care serum Retinol. The benefits of using a Retinol serum in the lead up to any stronger treatments and peels is to introduce your skin to the cellular turnover response that both a retinol and peels will initiate.

What is involved in this spicy yet relaxing treatment? 


Step 1. We always begin with a skin assessment, followed by a deep cleanse, skin prep with a degrease solution (this is a peel prep solution that eliminates any excess oil, makeup, dirt or debris from the skin’s surface to allow all products to penetrate evenly)

Step 2. Refining charcoal clay mask is first applied to further purify and detox the skin of any excess oils, impurities and dirt within the skins pores. As it tightens to the skin a tingling sensation may be felt.

Step 3. The uniquely formulated pumpkin enzyme peel is then applied to the skin. This peel is infused with retinol and super rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants. This spicy peel will give you’re skin an instant tingle and bite as the enzyme react with you’re skin cells and work their magic.

Step 3. A brightening polisher is then massaged into the skin over the top of the pumpkin peel to further infuse and activate the enzymes, whilst also leaving a brightening effect with its lightening ingredients and antioxidant properties.

Step 4. After the peel and polisher have been removed, it’s now time to repair and hydrate the skin with the Lira Clinical mineral mask which is rich in anti inflammatory, hydrating and cellular repair ingredients. The perfect calming mask to complete you’re treatment – of course no facial is complete without a décolletage, shoulder and scalp massage!

*mild dryness/peeling may be expected post treatment*
Allow 45-60 minutes

The Benefits of Pumpkin Peel


The enzymes that are inside the pulp of a pumpkin are an incredible source of the antioxidants your skin needs to fight off the free radicals and other irritants your skin has to put up with constantly. These enzymes also help your skin to dispose of any buildup of dead skin cells to keep your complexion clear. Along with these enzymes, the pumpkin also provides plenty of essential vitamins and an abundance of salicylic acid that aids in keeping your pores clear of debris so your skin is consistently silky smooth.

This unique formulated peel also consists of 35% blend of:

  • glycolic (fibroblast stimulator)
  • lactic acid (skin hydrator)
  • retinol (cellular turnover)
  • pumpkin enzymes (gentle exfoliator)
  • while super-rich mango and pomegranate (potent antioxidants).
  • Indian Pennywort (antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory)
  • Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell (cell repair)

The Power of Retinol

The pumpkin enzymes in the Lira Clinical peel are infused with retinol, which is essentially a fancy word for the amazingly helpful Vitamin A. Retinol is a natural cell communicator which means it can correct any improper or lackluster behavior your skin cells might be exhibiting. In total, Retinol can help with more than 100 different skin conditions including acne. As if the antioxidants in pumpkin enzymes were not enough, Lira Clinical infused additional mango and pomegranate antioxidants to ensure that your skin is fighting free radical damage as efficiently as possible.