My Wedding Skin Journey

The Wedding skin journey of a Dermal Clinician

How it all began:

On the 5th of January 2017 on a holiday in Cairn’s my now Husband surprised me with an incredibly romantic gesture, a private helicopter flight over the Great Barrier Reef to a secluded island where we snorkelled, drank champagne and of course ate a chocolate picnic (he knows me very well). It was not long until we walked along the water and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him, after 9 years together of course I was going to say YES!

And so before even thinking of looking for dresses, venues or photographers, my first step was to PREP MY SKIN! As any other skin therapist obsesses about it was only natural it was one of the first things on my list. It may not be everyone’s initial thought, but it is something that is so important on the day to make you feel even more special!

Life as a uni student and business owner:

With the final year of my uni degree (Bachelor of Health Science – Dermal Therapies) my biggest concern was the effect stress was playing on my skin, with constant breakouts I knew my skin was not happy. With this stress on my skin came the diagnosis of a skin condition you may know of as Rosacea, technically I was stage II Papulopustular Rosacea affecting mainly my nose. My symptoms were a persistent red flushed nose (yes similar to red nose reindeer), dryness (as the barrier is impaired), and little pimples. Although Rosacea is in my family, stress was the biggest factor causing flare ups, and to avoid stress would mean to not study or run a business… impossible? Of course!

So came a complete re-evaluation of my current skincare (and of course some time set aside to chill-out!). I traded my stronger AHA cleansers and other products for a more calming approach. I now use Vitamin B serum (for its repairing and anti-inflammatory properties), Vitamin C (to ward off free radical damage), no longer use aggressive scrubs on my skin stead use clay masks and application of a gentle Retinol every second-third night (helping to control redness and inflammation, whilst working on the barrier of the skin via cellular renewal/turnover). And of course I apply SPF DAILY! As the sun is a well known trigger for Rosacea.

My pre wedding skincare products:

  • Cosmedix Benefit Clean cleanser $70
  • Aspect Extreme B $126
  • Cosmedix Pure C crystals $77
  • Aspect Redless serum $99
  • Aspect Envirostat SPF 50 $30
  • Cosmedix Detox mask $84

Just to name a few 😉

10 months until wedding day:

I commenced a course of IPL Hair Reduction treatments. BEST DECISION EVER! No shaving necessary on the honeymoon was well worth it!


I have always had regular monthly skin treatments, however, I now directed my treatments to my main concerns. And as it was still summer I began working on lighter treatments such as microdermabrasion in combination with IPL Rejuvenation to help treat the vascular component of my Rosacea whilst still breaking down the dead skin cells.

Note: allowing sufficient time before your wedding day will allow us to really work on your main skin concerns, this of course depends on the concern itself. It is not necessary for all brides will need to commence treatments so early, treatments can begin from 12, 6, 3 months or even a few weeks ahead of the big day, we will customise a treatment plan to your skins concerns, needs and the results you want to achieve.


Winter treatments:

As winter approached, so did the more intensive skin treatments! And anyone that knows my employee Renae knows that this is her element! But with a bit of numbing cream all is fine in the skin treatment world of lasers and skin needling!

First, we began with Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatments to work on a deeper level by stimulating collagen and elastin production, this then in turn helps to regenerate the skin and in my case work on some acne scarring, barrier repair, skin texture and some dark pigment spots.

Next step, two Dermapen skin needling treatments, in further treatment of acne scarring but mainly to treat enlarged pores via the ability of skin needling to kickstart the natural wound healing process distributing newly formed collagen to soften the appearance of open pores.

And finally, two Cosmedix Benefit peels. The combination of Vitamin A with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C providing the ability to clear congestion, increase cell turnover and smooth the skins texture, for a brighter complexion.

Four months until wedding day:

I kept it basic! The ground work had been done during the winter season and now it was time to focus on the health and integrity of my skin to create that ever so longed for GLOW!

Treatments included but also recommended for that bridal glow:

  • Cosmedix Blueberry Peel – to remove superficial concerns, exfoliate and decongest.
  • Microdermabrasion – utilises the combination of suction and crystals to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and even skin texture/tone.
  • Peptide Infusion – combined with a light exfoliation, the peptide has both soothing and hydrating properties. Calming redness, inflammation and congested skin.
  • Oxygen Facial – Infuses boosts of oxygen into the skin directly, increasing blood circulation and targeting congested pores.
  • Dermaplaning – improves the complexion through exfoliation and removal of any “peach fuzz” hair, providing a flawless base makeup to go on smoothly. 


One week until the wedding day:

Even with one week to go, it is not to late to achieve an instant glow in your skin! I had my peach fuzz hair from my face removed with Dermaplaning six days before the wedding with a follow up enzyme and peptide infusion three days before the wedding, and I am pretty sure I fell asleep during the massage which was ever so needed the week of the wedding!

Two days until wedding day:

A.k.a bronzing day! My Husband actually did my spray tan late that Thursday night (I have trained him well), but more so the week of the wedding is much busier then expected, so note to all other brides, best to take some time off work for appointments! And schedule literally a 15 minute tan appointment and an hour or two drying time at home where you can chill-out!

Tanning tips:

  • We always recommend a trial at least a few weeks before the big day, especially if you are new to tanning
  • Ensure your skin is nicely exfoliated
  • No moisturiser or make-up on the skin
  • Wear some daggy, loose clothing is always best. Even a dressing gown to be extra comfy!
  • After every shower, moisturise to keep skin hydrated and tan at its best!

The night before wedding day:

My trusty Peptide Infusion mask was one of the first things packed into my overnight bag! My bridal party and I had a very typical girls mask night in, whilst in our matching pjs watching some chick flick on tv. 

*We highly recommend the Rejuvenating Peptide Mask to our brides the night before the big day. It is absolutely amazing to calm, hydrate and repair the skin. I even find it great for any breakouts on the skin also*

Peptide mask RRP:
Single mask $25.00
0r a pack of 5 for $110 

The morning of wedding day:

After a surprisingly good nights sleep, I gave my skin a gentle cleanse followed by my fave Vitamin B and C serums on the skin (chat with your makeup artist as to their recommendations prior to makeup application). My skin was feeling AMAZING! As someone that typically has at least one or two hormonal pimples on my face and expecting no different, my was the clearest it had ever been! And to make things even more amazing, Pout Cosmetics then made my skin even more flawless!

And as they say…. SKIN FIRST… MAKEUP SECOND!

And combined you are sure to achieve that flawless glow <3

And you know that little thing called stress I mentioned earlier with studying and running a business, to add on top wedding planning would not have been ideal, so one magical day I met with this incredible women Samantha Robinson from Forethought by Samantha who not long after became our life saving wedding planner! Allowing me to focus on study, the business and of course my own sanity and SKIN! 

Shout out to some of the incredible local suppliers used in our wedding; Chrismont Winery ceremony and reception, Jannoel FloristD & D letterpress for all of our wedding stationary, Healthy Foodology for supplying the bridal party lunch, Gloss Makeup & Beauty in Wang for my lash extensions, Vivyd Hair Salon, Bang Event cofor some of the furniture, Boutique accommodation Lusso King Valley, and Marshane Media just to name a few.


P.s I cannot forget to mention my Husband, of course he had skin treatments too! In winter we performed the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel with a significant reduction in his dark pigment spots on the cheeks (kicking myself I do not have before/after photos!). With a red face for a few days at work he agreed it was well worth the downtime, even seeing a reduction in pore size and skin texture. 

The main treatment performed on my husband was Microdermabrasion, something we perform on a majority of our males clients. Males skin is approximately 25% thicker than females, with a known rougher skin texture in addition to increased oil production. Microdermabrasion is able to remove the layer of surface dead skin cells and unclog congested pores, encouraging the production of new underlying layer of skin cells with higher levels of collagen and elastin. In addition, the express micro treatment is not fluffy! Something most males will prefer, with a deep cleanse, skin degrease and exfoliation with abrasive crystals complete with products VOILA! and the skin is clean and silky smooth.

Interested in beginning your own wedding skin journey with Wodonga Skin Centre?

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Courtesy of our absolutely incredible photographer Luke Chisholm!!!