“Man – Cial”

Man-Cial Skin Journey 

Meet Blake

Nutritionist. Person Trainer. Chef

He is also my brother in law and the owner of Healthy Foodology fitness and nutrition studio.

Before I introduced Blake to the world of taking care of your skin, he did not wash his face, moisturise nor had he ever imagined he would have skin treatments!

Blake now has regular skin treatments every month, cleanses his skin morning and night, uses a moisturiser and even serums!

Like so many people, you do not know how good your skin can feel until you try it and stick to it. Just like fitness and having a healthy diet! For a lot of males there is a stigma around beauty and skin services, but it is important to remember…. MALES HAVE SKIN TOO! (who would have known haha). Which is actually 25% thicker then females, with a rougher skin texture and oil production double that of females. What’s more, males actually like to look and feel good too, but not everyone may admit that.

So as a trade off, Blake kicks my butt on a weekly basis with Personal training and group fitness sessions. I sweat, I hurt, and I look like a mess whilst doing it and then I get the good ole muscle pains post workout (I swear its a new muscle every week!). But in return I get to shred layers of skin off Blake’s face (haha yep, literally). So we call it even. Both equally satisfying, with a bit of pain for a lot to gain!

I shouldn’t complain though, Blake has really helped me get my body into to shape in lead up to my wedding day.

Sister Emily, Myself, Husband Regan and Blake at our wedding Feb this year.

So what was the treatment that truly made Blake a new skin-loving advocate (well I won’t go that far, but he uses skincare!!!!! and thats a win for me).


The pinnacle of skin treatments for pigmentation.

Blake’s skin was prepped with microdermabrasion and light peels a few months before the treatment and skincare was slowly introduced into his daily routine. 

Come day of the treatment, I am not sure Blake truly knew what he was in for, but if you know Blake you know he is up for anything and willing to give it a go. The Cosmelan Peel was applied to the skin and left on for 12 hours (of which Blake had to stay home all day, but I am not sure anyone would want to be down the street with what looks like mud on your face anyways!).

We do not have any photos during Blake’s healing stage, because lets be honest most guys aren’t taking selfie’s on a daily basis anyways. But trust me when I say his skin was RED! Followed by peeling like a snake. My only evidence is a screen shot from an interview Blake had three days post treatment with Prime 7 news (timing was perfect, I wonder if the reporter assumed he just completed a workout? haha).

After 4-5 days of intense redness and peeling Blake’s skin was looking incredibly clear fast! Since his treatment in June Blake has had a lot of his clients comment on how “fresh” his skin looks and the significant reduction in pigmentation and freckles across his face. With Blake noting how smooth his skin feels with less excessive oil flow.


(8 weeks apart)

    Although you can see an improvement in the skin, these photos do not do the true results justice (I am not a very good photographer my apologies).

    Blake now comes in to the clinic once a month for regular skin treatments. Our next treatment phase is Fractional Resurfacing Laser around the eyes to help lighten some pigmentation, improve the skins texture and tone and some anti-ageing as an added bonus!

    You do not have to have as intensive skin treatments as Blake has had with the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel, we have so many options within the clinic to suit all skin types and concerns. A starting point for most males is a microdermabrasion treatment to help exfoliate the build up of dead skin cells, unclog the pores and help smooth out the skins texture (and this may be all your skin needs). Otherwise deciding which treatment to have done can be overwhelming when looking through our long list of services, so we recommend everyone to come in for a skin consultation as a first step. We will access your skin, discuss your concerns and tailor a treatment just for you.