Famous DermaSweep

The Famous DermaSweep

So we have a little secret that we want to share with you all, some of you have already been lucky enough to experience this within our clinic, but for those of you that do not know, we have a new machine to introduce you too… and we are just a tad excited to finally spread the word!

The revolutionary DERMASWEEP has landed at Wodonga Skin Centre!

DermaSweep is one of the most popular treatments with celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins, Rebecca Judd, Nadia Bartel and Steph Claire Smith, as well as A-list celebrities in Hollywood making the DermaSweep name known for its Red Carpet Ready results.

DermaSweep is only within Australia’s leading clinics only performed by highly trained licensed professionals.

This comprehensive yet relaxing treatment is a revolutionary new take on the traditional microdermabrasion system. This state-of-the-art multi modality treatment expertly combines precision exfoliation using bristle tips, along with variable-level suction. After the desired level of exfoliation is achieved, cutting-edge medical grade ingredients are simultaneously infused into the skin with a soft silk tip for targeted skin change on any wide range of skin conditions.

DermaSweep treats dull or sallow skin, hyperpigmentation, photodamage, melasma, early ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, menopausal skin, acneic skin, acne scars and dry/dehydrated skin. It is also safe to use on sensitised skin like Rosacea and around the eye area.

Each treatment is customised depending on the skin type, preferred level of exfoliation and results desired.

How does it work? 

The unique DermaSweep system works in three stages; exfoliation, circulation and infusion, working with all three stages increases microcirculation, oxygenation, blood flow, whilst deeply cleansing the pores and removes dead cell build up.


To achieve optimum Micro-Resurfacing, the vacuum pump gently lifts the surface layer of the skin, while the DermaSweep bristles work to sweep away the surface layer of dead skin. The vacuum action enables the skin to be gently drawn towards the gentle bristles, allowing for more successful and less irritating exfoliating action. A distinctive feature of the DermaSweep is that these bristles and the vacuum pressure are customised for each individual treatment, based on the clients unique skin type.


Did you know that nearly 10% of the body’s toxins are eliminated through the skin? Poor circulation inhibits the body’s ability to efficiently clean and clear toxins from the body. Increased circulation promotes lymphatic drainage. Through the oxygenation stimulation, nutrients can be better delivered, your skin’s overall health will improve. Like exfoliation, better circulation also promotes collagen development.


During the DermaSweep treatment, we take advantage of the skin’s optimised receptivity to nutrients by infusing the skin with customised solutions using potent ingredients, specially formulated to treat specific skincare concerns. All our infusions are paraben free and contain the highest quality skincare ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and skin plumping natural acids for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Find out what infusions might be suitable for you via link > DermaSweep WSC

Although the name does not give it justice, this is not just a “standard” DermaSweep service but incorporates everything you need to experience the DermaSweep difference. Beginning with a deep cleanse and skin prepping, your skin therapist will then choose the most appropriate bristle tip and vacuum-level for your skin type and concern.

As the hand piece is slowly swept across the skin simultaneous suction is performed to exfoliate and lift away any dead skin cells, this is then followed by a fruit enzyme peel to eliminate the skin of excess skin cells, the DermaSweep system then delivers a customised infusion into the skin complete with application of serums and moisturiser/SPF.

This luxurious customised DermaSweep option will truly leave your skin with a long-lasting radiance. Not only will your skin achieve instant visible results, the Deluxe Dermasweep will leave you relaxed and refreshed. Beginning with a deep cleanse and skin prepping, your skin therapist will then choose the most appropriate bristle tip and vacuum-level for your skin type and concern.

As the hand piece is slowly swept across the skin, simultaneous suction is performed to exfoliate and lift away any dead skin cells, this is then followed by a Vita-Brite Peel to brighten, firm and hydrate the skin. This unique peel contains a blend of Vitamin C, salicylic acids, plant stem cells and bold botanical ingredients. As the top layer of the skin is swept away, the distinctive DermaSweep system then delivers an advanced custom infusion straight into the skin. This luxury facial is complete with a rejuvenating peptide mask applied to soothe and plump the skin whilst unwinding to an invigorating shoulder, décolletage and scalp massage

In the press…

“I get a professional exfoliating treatment called DermaSweep—I’m obsessed with it!”

Jennifer Hawkins
Full article – Harpers Bazaar

Are there any facial treatments you swear by?

“I get a dermasweep from Liberty Belle in Toorak every six weeks or so and I love it! It clears out my pores like nothing else.”

Stephanie Claire Smith
Full article – Marie Claire

This was the first treatment I tried at Liberty Belle (and I still get it today). It is suited to just about every skin type from an acne-prone 20-year-old to women over 40’s with fine lines and congestion. Most of you have probably heard of microdermabrasion? This is similar but a lot better as it is less harsh on your skin (no crystals are used) instead an adjustable vacuum pressure is used which is regulated to your skin type and the strength you need. It also includes another important feature of infusion- of two powerful ingredients hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C- so it really feeds your skin with goodness at the same time.

It leaves my skin feeling smooth, plump and glowing. It works wonders for pigmentation. It is a treatment that you need to continue to get every couple of months to keep your skin in tip notch condition.

I always get a medical grade peel after my dermasweep to make my skin glow.  The ladies at Liberty Belle will assess the type of peel that suits you best, depending on your skin type and concerns. I have quite oily skin with the tendency to get really congested in my t-zone. My skin is also really thick and not sensitive, so I usually go for high-strength Vitamin A and C peels to fight my pigmentation and work to give me a more even tone. They can leave my skin a little dry and patchy for a few days (which is completely normal) as all that dead skin is shedding off and then my skin looks great.

Tips for glowing skin – for all you mummas, you can also get Dermasweep done while pregnant and breastfeeding.”

Nadia Bartel at Liberty Belle
Full article – Chronicles of Nadia

It’s like a super intense exfoliation which is only available at licensed medical practitioners. It is a unique combination of microdermabrasion and simultaneous serum infusion. The vacuum action of the wand stimulates blood flow, cleans out the pores and removes skin debris thus leaving your skin smoother. My dermal clinician, Kirsty, used two handpieces for the Dermasweep: a nylon and a silk handpiece to brush and smooth away dull dead skin cells whilst infusing the skin with a Hyaluronic acid solution which holds 1000 times its own weight in water to super hydrate the skin. She also does a great extraction after this which clears any extra congestion.”

Rebecca Judd at Liberty Belle
Full article – Rebecca Judd Loves

Whether you need a solution to be “red carpet ready” or are looking for a solution to a specific dermatological condition, DermaSweep can uncover a more beautiful you!